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Find Reformed Theology resources


One of the providential blessings of our age is that resources are more easily accessible than ever.

Theology Matters
a PCUSA publication

Theology Matters is a publication that aims to provide clear and coherent articulation of theology that is reformed according to God’s Word. They are primarily run by conservative pastors and seminary professors in the PCUSA

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Book of Confessions

Linked is a pdf containing all the Confessions of the Presbyterian Church. These are: the Scots Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, Second Helvetic Confession, Westminster Standards, Barmen Declaration, Confession of 1967, Brief Statement, and the Belhar Confession

Holy Books

Bruce Gore
PCUSA Bible teacher 
and YouTuber

Linked is the YouTube channel of Bruce Gore, a faithful professor and scholar of the Bible and Church history who has taught at First Presbyterian Church in Spokane WA for decades. You will find endless resources on Biblical exegesis (including a series on Revelation) and Church history

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